An information technology services company based in the D.C. area.


Clearsoft develops, maintains and supports custom applications and systems for clients ranging from homeland security and defense to telecommunications, healthcare, and finance. We serve a host of Federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies as a trusted, reliable technology partner.

Our engineers have been modernizing, integrating and innovating in a diverse range of technology environments since 2004. We are a classified as a small business for Federal contracting.

Clearsoft is a wholly owned subsidiary of BRMi

Washington D.C.

Clearsoft has grown every year since inception because of our reputation for exceptional results and our high employee-retention rate. As we grow we invest increasingly in our people through expanded benefits programs, continuing education, technical and management certifications and more. Our professionals are incentivized to drive project success so that we have a culture of commitment.

Agile / Scrum, PMP, ITIL, Cisco, CISSP, Red Hat, Oracle, Java, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (Cloud).

Employee Clearances
DOD Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret SCI, DHS, CBP.

Business Information
  • Classification: HUBZone Small Business
  • EIN: 201041368
  • DUNS: 808290964
  • CAGE Code: 4ZAW0
  • Primary NAICS: 541511
Contract Vehicles
MOBIS (GSA): Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) GS-10F-0143T. Held by our parent company, BRMi.
IT Schedule 70 (GSA): Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 GS-35F-0490W. Held by our parent company, BRMi.
STARS II (GSA): Constellation 1, Functional Category 4, GS-06F-0885Z. Held by our parent company, BRMi.

Sub-Contract Vehicles
DHS EAGLE II: Clearsoft is a sub-contractor / teammate under several tracks for functional category number one.
GSA PBS: We are a sub-contractor / teammate on a BPA for the GSA Public Building Service.
US Courts JMAS IV: We are a sub-contractor / teammate on the JMAS IV IDIQ the Federal Judiciary / US Courts
DIA E-SITE: We are a sub-contractor / teammate on the recently awarded E-SITE IDIQ with for the DIA

clear |kli(ə)r|:

Adjective -
1. easy to perceive; leaving no doubt; unambiguous; having no confusion.
2. free of any obstructions or unwanted objects; free of something that impairs logical thought
Adverb -
1. so as to be out of the way of
2. completely
Definition of the word "clear". New Oxford American Dictionary.