Clearsoft is an information technology services company specializing in custom enterprise software development and systems integration.

We provide solutions and services through fixed-price or time-and-materials consulting contracts as well as staff augmentation. Our services are available both on-site and at Clearsoft hosted facilities.

Please refer to the About page for information about our employee clearances and certifications as well as our business information such as contract vehicles and government business registrations. Please visit our Clients page for a list of some of our clients.

Our professional experience spans a number of different functional domains or solution areas including the following:

Functional Domains

  • Homeland Security
  • Customs
  • Immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Border Enforcement
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Biometric Applications
  • Federal Acquisition
  • Federal Real Estate Management
  • Datacenter Management
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Personal Finance
  • Digital Product Catalogues
  • Telecom Billing
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Enterprise Integration Services
  • System And Application Modernization

The following sections outline the technological capabilities of Clearsoft.

Clearsoft provides end-to-end solutions and consulting services in custom application development.

We provide full life-cycle development and project management from inception and design all the way through coding, testing, production deployment and operations and maintenance.

Agile Development

The foundation of our Agile process is built upon best-of-breed software development practices acquired from firsthand experience with major Federal and commercial programs. We understand how the Agile methodology can be used to build an effective framework that consistently delivers successful solutions. Agile projects require an orchestrated team of business stakeholders, project leaders (Scrum Masters) and skilled technical personnel. Our approach begins with placing motivated people into key project roles.

Agile Diagram

Our implementation of Agile is organized into groups of tailored, well-defined iterations that are repeatable throughout the project life cycle. Software is delivered frequently for stakeholders to review. Feedback is collected from the customer and provided to the development team for quick implementation of requested changes. Daily development operations are discussed openly in routine Scrums that keep engineers apprised of project status and task assignments. Change will happen and our approach embraces this certainty.

A lean management hierarchy is actively engaged in all aspects of the project to promote technical best practices and collaboration with stakeholders. Agile iterations with consistent collaboration pull back the curtain on the development project for stakeholders. The result is better control over project scope, direction and scheduling for the stakeholder. Progress is measured by the delivery of working software after an iteration to allow stakeholders to make informed decisions and incremental changes.

Our certified Scrum Masters are available to discuss the advantages of the Agile approach.

Open Web / Web 2.0 / RIA


With browser standardization and technology such as HTML5, the Web is important and momentous as ever in the world of Application Development. The "Open Web" or "Web 2.0" and modern browsers are allowing a true realization of the "write once, run anywhere" paradigm. One implementation can service users across all major platforms and devices.

Responsive web applications are designed to dynamically respond and adjust to changes in browsers, devices and screen sizes. Virtually all of the power of native client applications is now available within the Web platform, including things like geo-location, local storage, peer to peer or client to server messaging and more. Front-end frameworks like Backbone.js and Angular.js transform the browser into an industrial strength application development environment.

Open Web

Clearsoft is developing powerful solutions with the the Open Web and helping clients realize tremendous savings and improved time-to-market.

IBM / Oracle / .NET

Clearsoft provides solutions and services based on all of the major application development platforms, tools and servers including IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. Our Developers work with Java, Java EE, C#, ASP, .NET and other languages and frameworks.

IBM WebSphere

Rational Software
Oracle WebLogic
Microsoft .NET

Open Source

Our clients achieve tremendous cost savings by working with Clearsoft to implement solutions with open-source software technologies.

Apache Software Foundation

Mobile Android iOS HTML5

The need for mobile-ready websites and mobile applications continues to grow. More and more, consumers and business users are accessing websites via their phones and tablets. As such, traditional websites need to present positive experiences that are optimized for hand-held devices with smaller screens and other limitations. Clearsoft has the experience and capability to provide a variety of mobile solutions:

  • Mobile-optimized versions of websites, creating either "mobile first" or responsive design interfaces
  • Mobile web applications which provide powerful capabilities to hand-held devices through a browser
  • Native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices
jQuery Mobile PhoneGap Apache Cordova

Cloud Applications

As a certified consulting partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Clearsoft enables clients to realize the potential of cloud computing. With services like AWS EC2 and AWS S3, computing and storage are elastic, dynamic and cost-effective. With utilities such as the Elastic Beanstalk, deployment and production configuration for your applications can be more automated and efficient than ever. AWS is a highly secure enterprise computing alternative which even includes FISMA-moderate and ITAR-compliant options with GovCloud.

AWS Partner

Database / Middleware

Integration services and database services are at the core of most major enterprise systems. Since our company was founded in 2004 we have been working with technologies such as XML Web Services, messaging platforms, business process management and database applications to enable our clients to connect their disparate systems and maximize their IT investments. Our engineers have hands-on experience developing application components for leading database and middleware platforms as well as emerging open-source technologies and standards.


Clearsoft supports the development of large-scale systems based in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). By aligning software components with business functions, and decoupling services from platforms and subsystems, the move to SOA cuts time to market when releasing new products and services and enables greater access to all necessary information when supporting end users.


Our SOA solutions are driven by a set of practices and principles incorporated into the appropriate processes and deliverables. An Enterprise Service Platform (ESP) provides an architecture for integrating both business processes and the underlying information they access, in a distributed and autonomous fashion. ESP provides a robust platform for re-use of IT assets and supports business agility. Enterprise Service Busses (ESBs) are used as the backbone to provide a robust and high availability infrastructure for accessing the distributed services in the platform. The platform provides security, load balancing, policies, and governance in a loosely coupled manner for a large number of organizations, services, and protocols, while unifying all service assets under consistent policies and governance.

Clearsoft supports business process management (BPM) solutions that incorporate workflow, social media and mobility into an organization’s approach to making decisions, resulting in improved business agility. Real-time dashboards update stake-holders of progress, eliminating bottlenecks and uncertainty. BPM solutions foster collaboration between management and departments across the enterprise allowing executives to manage change effectively and uniformly. Our partnerships with leading BPM vendors such as Appian and IBM ensure that our staff stay up to speed with the latest advancements in the industry.


Maintaining secure applications across employees, partners, suppliers, and customers is a concern for every organization across the globe. With world class identity and access management IAM product experience including IBM, CA and Oracle, Clearsoft professionals are prepared to meet complex enterprise requirements. Single-Sign-On technology protects proprietary internal data by restricting access to only authorized users. Role based access control (RBAC) enables users to have specific access privileges based on job function. Clearsoft’s capabilities in this space include entitlements management, identity road mapping, and identity governance. Our team works with management to align the solution with enterprise goals incorporating best practices and industry recommendations to ensure efficiency, reliability and scalability. Clearsoft’s experience designing, implementing and managing solutions for IAM provides customers peace of mind that comes with knowing their environment is secure.

Identity And Access Management

Clearsoft professionals have expertise with all of major database products including those from Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Our solutions with open-source database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB can provide tremendous cost savings as well. Whether its design and architecture, implementation and database administration, or an end-to-end solution for enterprise databases, business intelligence or data warehouses, Clearsoft has the capabilites to deliver.



When applications go live, operations and support teams work round the clock to keep environments stable and running at intended efficiency. This doesn’t happen by accident. Clearsoft’s operations teams focus on monitoring and managing production environments to identify bottlenecks and issues before they become visible to the customer. Our proactive approach and engineers who are always looking for a better way of automating repeatable process means less hours and less stress on the customer, freeing them to focus on their business and staying ahead of the competition. Today’s operations teams focus on virtualization and cloud based offerings simplify the process of supporting business in remote locations minimizing hardware and engineering costs. Clearsoft expertise includes configuration management, systems administration, network engineering, network operations and help-desk services.